What You Should Know About Prostate Sex

The male G-spot or prostate gland is an area that when stimulated can unleash incredibly erotic possibilities.  When stimulated properly it can intensify your orgasms and even cause multiple orgasms.  Often called prostate sex the male G-spot is something that every man should explore.

The prostate gland is your secret weapon to extreme pleasure but it can only be reached by inserting a well lubricated finger into your anus.  You can also use special sex toys called prostate massagers – массажеры простаты if you wish.  Gently massaging the prostate gland can produce explosive orgasms without ever having to touch your penis.

Performing prostate sex takes a very open minded partner unless you want to do it by yourself which is also possible.  You will need to have a very comfortable relationship with your partner and you will need to be totally relaxed.  You will also need to purchase some latex gloves and some water based lubricant.  K-Y jelly is perfect. 

When you have all your necessities there are a couple of other things that you will have to do first.  You will need to urinate and empty your bowels before prostate sex can occur.  You will also need to be as relaxed as possible and you can use a warm shower or bath together for this and for a little extra foreplay too.

When you are ready to begin, let your partner cover her finger with some lubricant and slowly insert it into your rectum.  It may feel a little strange at first and this is to be expected.  Don’t give up though because it will inevitably feel amazing.  Your partner won’t need to insert their finger very far just about 3cm deep and this is all the better because the outer part of your rectum is the most sensitive.

Take things slow to allow yourself adjust to this new sensation and this will also increase your desire for more.  Once you feel comfortable and are used to the feeling of something inside your rectum you can get your partner to curl their finger upwards towards your navel.  

This is where they will find your prostate.  By using a come here finger movement your partner’s finger will actually be tapping on your prostate and this can send waves of excitement through your entire body.  Keep this motion up maybe alternating it with stroking and circular movements and you will soon experience the most mind blowing orgasms you have ever experienced.

Prostate sex can also include stimulating the penis and testicles as well and this can lead to even harder erections and better orgasms.  You will need to tell your partner what you like during the whole procedure and say when you want more pressure, less pressure, etc.  The key to having amazing prostate sex is communication and by doing this you could be having multiple orgasms in no time.

If you are not lucky enough to have a partner that is open to inserting their fingers into your anus you can always perform prostate sex alone.  This is a little trickier but not impossible and as with everything else in life, practice will make perfect.  You can also purchase a prostate massager to help you out.  These are specially designed to massage the prostate and they save you the trouble of trying to get your fingers inserted correctly.