Protecting Your Home From Water Damage in Houston, TX

Just recently, Hurricane Ike barreled across the largest city in Texas, creating electrical shortages for 2.1 million residents of Houston, destroying millions of dollars in properties and claiming at least 13 lives. Amidst the flotsam and jetsam of debris from flooded and water damage Houston, TX homes, one would remark at the devastating power of Mother Nature as she unleashes her fury.

The following are some basic tips that homeowners can follow to minimize or prevent the extent of water damage Houston, TX style.


Remember to check your insurance policy and know what are included in your coverage, as well as limitations and exclusions. With a continually active occurrence of storms and water damage in Houston, TX and other parts of this state, it would be wise to keep your insurance coverage in check.


Backup or make copies of all your important documents, information and memorabilia and keep them all in a safety deposit box. You can also use an easy to retrieve container which you can readily pull-out should the need arises for you to evacuate your homes.


Do not underestimate flood and storm warnings. Susceptible to water damage Houston, TX residents should heed these warning and act immediately before its too late. There are several bulletins and announcements whenever a storm is brewing and a big possibility for water damage to Houston, TX. It would be wise for residents to monitor these warnings, and be prepared for the advent of possible evacuation. If the call for evacuation has been released, homeowners should immediately decide and transfer to a safer location.


If the threat of truyền nước tại nhàis evident, or if there is a big possibility for water damage, Houston, TX residents should be wise enough to transfer valuable furniture and electrical appliances to a higher location in their homes. You can get a better protection from flood at these higher levels, unless the house has been totally submerged in floodwaters. If movement or transfer of furniture and appliances is not possible, try to elevate these items by putting blocks or wood high enough to elevate the items to at least one foot.


Basements are the most susceptible to flooding due to its sub-level location. Remove as much valuable items from the basement as possible during eminent flooding. It would also be wise to cut-off electricity from the basement and other sub-level rooms. Remove organic materials from the basement. These include paper, books, carpets, rugs, and other items made from organic material. Molds and mildew thrive in organic materials, particularly if these have been exposed to prolonged contact with water or moisture.


Should disaster occur and there is an onslaught of water damage, Houston, TX residents should act immediately and perform remediation. They can perform this on their own, or better yet, hire the services of a professional restoration company. There are several reliable and competent companies handling water damage in Houston, TX. Find one that is a registered member of the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). In parallel, the company should also be compatible with your insurance billing, so it would be wise to inquire regarding payment options first before finalizing their services.