Make Your Truck Bed Look Like New

You can use bed liner paint to quickly give your pickup a bed that looks like it has an expensive spray on bed liner. It’s a whole lot cheaper though. Especially if you have an spray on bedliner truck that needs some help with it’s looks, a bed coating is a good project.

We have an old pickup that had a very sad looking bed. You know, it was a little rusty and scratched and pitiful looking really. My two sons aged 11 and 16 got the assignment of applying a Plasti-Kote paint liner. It’s now one year after the job was completed and the coating still looks good. Here’s what we learned.

Clean It Well

Any paint job depends on proper preparation. The boys took the prep work seriously. They first cleaned the bed using a wax and grease remover that we got at the auto parts store. If you don’t get the bed clean before sanding, you’ll drive the gunk into the finish. So get the bed clean first.

Sand Like You Mean It

For the paint to stick, you want to sand very aggressively. Sand with very coarse sanding material. Take any shine off with heavy sanding. While you’re at it deal with any rust. You can sand most rust off, but you can also apply a chemical rust converter too.

Roll On The Coating

Once you get the bed ready for painting, putting on the truck bed paint is the easy part. Truck liner paint is thick and contains bits of rubber to give it texture. The paint goes on easy and covers very well. You probably want two coats which will require about a gallon and a quart for an eight foot long bed. Don’t skimp on the material.

You can quickly apply bed liner paint to your truck and get a look almost just like a spray on liner. Preparation is the key to success, just like for any paint job. But you can save a ton of money by spending just a little time.