Why All The Hype About The Best Pet Food

Hype about dog food is really getting old. Offers of fee based e-books are ridiculous when solid info is available online and free. As I surf the web I see dozens of Google ads with headlines Are You Killing Your Dog? Why not give pet lovers useful information on how to choose healthy pet food? Why do everything possible to make every dog food look bad? Why not just show the benefits of the food you are trying to best pet food? I don’t know about you but when someone says his or her thing is the best I think it reeks of seller talk. It’s all too gimmicky for my style.

I offer third party tips on how to choose dog food with healthy ingredients. This information is not from my website or the company that makes the food. It’s out there to help pet lovers find unbiased information. I don’t “sell” people on my food. I don’t do pet food comparisons. A pet food comparison is a low-ball way of doing business. The companies that do this pick one formula and compare it to what they are “selling” you on. Don’t get me wrong; I know most mass-market pet foods are very low quality. The pet food giants don’t have pet’s health and well being in consideration. They are after the profits.

Here’s an example of poor marketing “hype” based sales methods. A dog food company will compare their food against a food that has wheat. Since theirs has no wheat they say the other food is bad. What they don’t tell you is that the other company has a wheat free formula for dogs known to be allergic to the wheat grain. See what I mean now. Why can’t dog food be marketed with integrity and honesty across the board? Don’t we care enough about pets to want what’s best for them? I do. I tell everyone there is no one best food for every dog. All dogs are individual with individual needs. I tell everyone to do their due diligence about what is best for their pet. I can’t decide for them what the best food will be. What if the food didn’t fit the dog? I would be responsible so I leave the final decision up to the pet caregiver.

I know I’m ranting about this. I care about helping pet lovers make decisions about healthy pet food and finding a fit for their pet. If they don’t use my food I don’t get upset as long as I helped them find their “fit”. So pet food manufacturers stop slapping every company and trying to convince people your food is best. Start helping pet lovers and maybe we can save pet’s lives by educating about healthy pet food.

I just had a thought, the dog food companies who compare to others must be worried.

I believe my product can stand on it’s own merit so I don’t need to compare it or make others look bad, especially when I don’t know their product.