Wow Warlock Guide — Warcraft’s Pga masters of the Dark Martial arts disciplines

The Warlocks are a great class to play in Wow with a ton of cool abilities and spells at their removal they truly are Brujos de catemaco gratis a class act. A Warlock will draw their power from mana and will use cool shadow and fire spells and abilities to instill damage on their opponents.

The Warlocks have one obvious a weakness in that they can only armor there-selves with cloth making liable to attacks as well as the need to keep replacing or repairing the armor you’re equipped with. However the Warlock is equipped with a number of ranged magic damage dealing spells and has a variety of Dept of transportation (damage over time) spells to deplete their opponents life continually.

Another nice set of abilities that lends itself to the Warlocks are their fear spells. These can literally stop your enemy dead in their tracks and send them running briefly. Not only is this cool but when with the Warlocks Dept of transportation spells and ranged magic spells it tends to make a good DPS build.

Also the Warlock class include a demonic pet that’s always by the Warlocks side when summoned and ready to do battle, whether it be the sexy Succubus whipping your invaders or the demented Imp minion running like a lunatic blasting your opponents with fireballs.

Warlocks are primarily ranged magic damage dealers although adapt well to different talent builds. A Warlocks main focus though is to remove mobs from a distance with their variety of shadow, fire and fear spells. The talent build you choose for your Warlock will greatly determine the role your character plays in the game especially in group scenarios. The three available talent trees and shrubs for Warlocks are the Affliction, Demonology and Devastation talent trees and shrubs.

The Affliction Warlock talent build which happens to be one i’m refining at the moment for one of my alts is focused on the Warlocks Dept of transportation spells and Fear spells making it the ideal build for PvP scenarios although not compared by many for leveling purposes.

The Demonology talent build will focus more on the damage output of the Warlock class and that of the Warlocks pet. This talent build would work for both PvE and PvP sceanrios and if followed through which the end you’ll obtain the Metamorphosis ability which will enable you to transform into a devil which is a pretty cool ability.

The Devastation talent build focuses heavily on the Warlocks damage output by acquiring new and improving the Warlocks shadow based spells such as shadow bolt and fire based spells such as Immolate.

While using the Warlock class to create an “alt” character and level through the game quickly the Demonology and Devastation talent trees and shrubs offer the best specs for a nice Warlock leveling build. The Warlock also adapts well to slight hybrid builds although you need to primarily focus on one among the talent trees and shrubs to start off with.