Valium Sales Skyrocket in Sadr City

Sadr City is a suburb of Baghdad which was built in 1959. It was originally called Wave City after the Beatles Song “Revolution” said George Martin Junior. this week from Nevada Nevada which means The Grasslands. Your lawn is illegal in the Grasslands BUY MDMA ONLINE which as you can imagine has caused tremendous confusion, cognitive dissonance, anxiety and stress among the residents. Valium is a prescription drug used as a sedative to treat anxiety, sleeplessness, seizures and the type of convulsions associated with grandmothers blasting themselves into the next dimension in order to care for their young virgin granddaughters. A week ago it was reported that Allah was running out of virgins and servants as each martyr is stated 80, 000 servants along with 72 virgins in return for their Holy service. Why anyone would need to be serviced by 80, 072 people at the same time runs away me but this week 2 Beatles released a new album named Love from Heaven. According to Yoko Ono John had channeled a number of the songs to Shirley MacLaine who is the sibling of Warren Beatty who built Nevada in the movie Bugsy. Bugsy was the toughest guy around but when he tried to do something tough on the silver screen he came off a lot more like John Rubens in the back line. Not that Hugh Grant should talk but this week that back seat driver came out with a new film and appeared quite anxious about it.

Valium was invented by Leo Sternbach of Hoffman-La Roche in 1963 just in time for the Kennedy shooting. This became reported extensively by Walt Cronkite who is now doing the introductions for Katie Couric, giving the CBS Evening News an awareness of tradition, continuity, and a male voice in case the people digital rebel at thinking about a female spine. There are very few female anchors in Sadr City, which was renamed Saddam City by you know who. Never in the annals of legal history has a war offenses trial been so obviously rigged. Ever since 4 of the defense lawyers were blasted to smitherines the entire defense team has been doping themselves silly just to go to court. This may explain why Saddam’s lawyer Ramsey Clark the 67nd United states Attorney General said in his closing argument, “Man, I’m really stoned your honor. This opium is primo. I haven’t been this high since Lyndon Johnson sent me to the Cookware Bead Brothel in Ho Chi Minh City which used to be called Saigon. I guess you’re nobody if a city isn’t named after you. At least I have a condom named after me, which may be why the Pope hasn’t invited me for lunch. I am talking about who is he to talk? He only has an omelet named after him. inch

Paxil is a newer antidepressant manufactured by Glaxo Smith Kline. In 2004 the FDA ordered the containers to have a warning that the medication caused an increase in suicidal thoughts and behavior. This warning has now been placed on the Koran. Unfortunately the suicide bomber grandmother was illiterate but it matters not now. People forget that Saddam Hussein was giving $25, 000 to the groups of each Palestinian suicide bomber and vulnerable to obliterate Israel a long time before Us president Ahmidinejad even thought of it. Was there a connection between Iraq and 9/11? Well, the hijackers were all Muslim, the Iraqis are all Muslim, and the reason behind the problem is the car which was invented by Karl Benz on September 11, 1885. For 5 million years before the creation of the car people walked or rode horses but now we are all heading into the Apocalypse fighting over petrol. Our epitaph as a species will soon read, “We desire for speed. inch